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Ramon M. Maisonet is a native of New York; he is a Husband, a Father, and a Minister in training. A powerful speaker, He has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Sociology from Coker College, Dale Carnegie graduate and is the published author of the paperback book, the 180 Degree Marriage: Going Back to Eden. Landing several guest interviews with online radio stations, Ramon currently works as a Professional Counselor with the Department of Defense and provides services to civilian and military service members and their families. He provides support for a wide array of concerns such as emotional distress, family/personal relationship issues, couples with challenges in their marriage and grief support. His passion is people and his mission is to help people always find a reason to rejoice. Teaching on a variety of topics to include but not limited to Leadership, Marriage, Keynote Speaker at Seminars, Workshops and Corporate Events.

Ramon M. Maisonet, MM, CEAP

For Booking call: 804-220-5220

  • Certified Professional Counselor
  • Certified Faculty Development Professional
  • Certified Dale Carnegie Instructor/Small Group Leader
  • Training Coordinator for the Department of Defense
  • Team-Building Facilitator and Leadership Development
  • Work/Life Balance Specialist (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Published Book Author
  • Master’s Degree in Program Management

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